Trading Hedging

Trading Hedging

The potential portals for our trading & hedging businesses will include:

Debt or Equity Capital Raising

  •  Reputable Trading Platform
  •  Over The Counter (OTC)
  •  Venture Capital
  •  Asset Management

Venture Capitalism

At HWGIB, we are constantly looking for potential opportunity for investment purposes in particular on start-up and fintech companies. We divide into three division when untap an opportunity:


We seek opportunities from around the globe for companies that have potential growth in the digital world.


Once a company has been identified, we will conduct extensive due diligence to establish the true value ofthe company.


Our final phase will be deciding on the amount to be invested based on the due diligence report that we conducted.

Driving Growth

How funds will be used to drive growth:

Constantly Source For Potential Companies For Investment

Digital Asset Management With High Return Portfolio

Provide Credit Facilities

Provide Hedging For Potential Growth Companies

Underwrite Potential Companies For Listing Exercise

Join Venture And Co-Invest To Reduce Risk On High Risk Companies

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