Property Fund

Fund Objective

Providing investors with an opportunity to achieve potential long term capital appreciation with steady annual returns by investing in HWG Fintech Berhad’s “OWNZ” real estate ownership program. Investments will be made in residential properties hotspots for future home owners to be able to “Stay” and eventually “Own” the real estate by the end of contract tenure-ship. The property fund allowing investors to enjoy the benefit of steady stream income through property investment without the hassle of handling physical property and high level of capital commitment.

Fund Issuer

Fund Manager

Fund Details

Investment Policy and Strategy

The targeted fund of USD 250 Million will be used to invest in “OWNZ” real estate ownership program.

Investment Allocation Placing (%)

Location of Assets

Well located properties within Malaysia.

Benefits to Investors

Potential Capital Appreciation

Steady Annual Return

Assets-Backed Secured Investment

Option to maximize investment returns through protential capital appreciation by converting the initial investment fund value to HWG Fintech Berhad's Ordinary Share.

Investment Value x 50%

Market Overview

Opportunities factors in current market situation for HWG Fintech Berhad's OWNZ Program

• Difficulties in Obtaining Loan Financing

• Property Overhang

Overall Property Overhang

The primary target group for the HWG Fintech Berhad's OWNZ program will be middle income buyers in age group of 30 – 49 years old with majority of 57% considering to purchase a property for own-stay or investment in 2021.

Risk Management Strategies

• HWGIB will acts as the fund manager to manage the investment funds of HWG Fintech Berhad’s OWNZ program and will not actively nor directly involve in business operation of the company.

• The investment funds will be secured with property assets from HWG Fintech Berhad under OWNZ program.

• The distribution investment returns of 6% per annum is guaranteed by HWG Fintech Berhad from rental yields through OWNZ program.

• HWG Fintech Berhad’s OWNZ program is run by a team with a deep-well experience in Malaysia real estate investing with an establishing connection in rental market.

Investment Approach

• HWGIB seeks to maximize total returns by providing investors with a combination of potential capital appreciation and income distribution through investing in HWG Fintech Berhad’s “OWNZ” real estate ownership program.

• HWG Fintech Berhad's OWNZ program solves both Consumer’s financial loan rejection issue and Developer’s property overhang issue. This creates a win-win situation to all parties. HWG Fintech Berhad applies it’s own risk management strategy to ensure the business is able to sustain for foreseeable future.


This fund is manage by Ho Wah Genting Investment Bank P.L.C (HWGIB). Subscription of fund is intended for Foreign / International Market. Malaysian citizens interested to subscribe the fund need to check with HWGIB for approval according to policy by Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA).

Listing exercise shall be based on actual performance of the company and listing regulations by Nasdaq which may vary on the listing date. Investors are encouraged to undertake own due diligence of risk prior to investing. HWGIB shall not be held responsible or liable in any way for damages, losses, or liabilities whatsoever resulting or arising directly or indirectly from the investment.

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