Growth Fund

Fund Objective

Providing investors with an opportunity to achieve capital appreciation over short, mid and long-term, by investing in good growth prospects companies with steady returns. Investments will be made in listed equities, fixed income securities, and money market instruments. Thus, allowing investors to diversify their investment portfolio into technology and healthcare sectors.

Asset Allocation (%)

1. Listed Equities 70%
2. Fixed Income Securities 25%
3. Money Market 5%

Fund Details

Investment Policy and Strategy

Industry Focus

Technology and Healthcare

Benefits to Investors

High Returns of Up to 9% P.A.

Steady Monthly Returns Payout

Flexible Investment Plan

How Much Better is HWGIB Growth Fund

Illustration of 5 years compounded gains with a starting capital of US$ 10,000

Risk Management Strategies

We manage the fund portfolio risk through diversified investments with active asset allocation while minimizing country risks via allocation of assets by country.

Investment Approach

HWGIB seeks to maximise total returns by providing investors with a combination of capital appreciation and income distribution, if any, while reducing risk through diversified investments, mainly in equities.

The main fund portfolio will be in equities and bonds to mitigate the risk impact. The liquid assets such as money market instruments and deposits are to ensure a level of liquidity. Allocation between fixed income securities and money market instruments will depend on the economic situations, interest rate trends and market liquidity conditions.


This fund is manage by Ho Wah Genting Investment Bank P.L.C (HWGIB). Subscription of fund is intended for Foreign / International Market. Malaysian citizens interested to subscribe the fund need to check with HWGIB for approval according to policy by Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA).

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