Equity Solutions For Publicly Corporations And High Net-Worth Individuals

Equity Solutions

HWGIB’s strategic equity solutions team offers tailored equity solutions and trading expertise to corporate and high net worth clients.

Interest rate of as low as 3.99% per annum with quarterly repayment

Loan-to-value of securities up to 60%

All loans are non-recourse to the borrower

No title transfer of the pledged securities

Free quote and term sheet

No upfront payment of fees

Prompt disbursement of loan in less than 1 week

Pre-Qualification Assessment

In the assessment of the pre-qualification of the borrower, HWGIB will consider the following criteria in granting the stock loans.

Our assessment methodology would be solely on the pledged securities because HWGIB would only consider its average daily trading volume over 90-120 days in US$ for the underwriting of stocks.

Loan Fees

In consideration of the loan to be extended to the borrower, the following interests will be charged to the borrower:
A Interest Rate of [3.99% - 5.99%] of the Loan Value

The 1st tranche interest payment shall be payable upon the successful drawdown of the 1st tranche of the loan.

The Loan Value shall mean the total loan amount applied for (as defined in the transaction agreement / terms sheet or related documents).

How to Apply

Request loan terms from HWGIB

Lender analyses collateral and provides free term sheet

Client reviews and signs the term sheet

Lender issues loan agreements

Borrower signs loan agreements

Open custodian account to deposit pledged shares

Loan disbursement to client with closing statement and debt schedule

10 Major Benefits To The Borrower

Not personally liable for the loan.
Not personally guaranteeing the loan, thus not required to disclose the loan to 3rd parties.
Free up cash for time-sensitive opportunities and eventualities.
Clean and liquid balance sheet, more attractive when pursuing other financing opportunities.
Zero liability if the lender suffered losses on the loan. The lender assumes all risk. Any losses from a sudden collapse in the price of the securities pledged for the loan will be borne solely by the lender.
Ongoing borrowing access because the loan is non-recourse and does not affect borrower’s credit score.
Borrower can walk away from the loan, the day after the loan is funded and not be liable for any future interest payments or principal repayment.
Personal credit, financials, income, tax returns do not come into consideration for the non-recourse loans.
Not required to disclose liabilities on financial statements or to other lenders as borrower is not required to repay the loan. Frees up borrowing power while increasing liquidity.
Non-recourse loan is a huge benefit to borrower as the borrower is able to enjoy all the benefits of a non-recourse loan while also offering benefits of realizing upside appreciation if the collateral increases in value.

HWGIB Accepts Shares Traded On Global Exchanges

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